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How to use your Midwest Induction App

Is the app available in a web format as well?

No, the app is available only as a native app on iOS and Android devices.

Where can I download the app from?

Please search for MIDWEST INDUCTION on App Store and Play store.

What do I have to do after I registered with my details?

An admin from Midwest will review your application and grand you access to use the full version of the app.

Why do I need to answer all the health questions?

The company needs to know if you have any medical condition that would interfere with the work you have been employed to do.

What happens if I enter a different name when I register on the app?

Since that name is not on our list, the application will be rejected, and you will not be able to use the app to go through the induction process.

Do I have to watch the induction video?

Viewing the induction video is mandatory and cannot be skipped as it contains key information relating to the work you will have to carry on-site. Please pay close attention to all details as this will help you in completing the test at the end of the induction process.

What if I answer a question the wrong way?

The system will send you back to the beginning of the video and you will have to restart the entire process (review induction video and complete the test).

Is there a limit of how many times I can go wrong with the test?

No, there is no limit, you can go through the test as many times as it takes to pass it successfully.

If I approve a new user does that mean the user will automatically have the right to work on-site?

No, the approval of a new user only means that he/she will get access to the full version of the application.

My email is on the admin list, but I cannot get access to the admin portal.

To get access to the admin app/web page you will be required to go through the user app first, with your registration. Once registered and approved you will then be able to log in on the admin app/web page.

I am an admin, but I cannot log in on the admin app/web page as I forgot my password.

Please use the “Forgot Password” button, this will run you through the reset password process.

I have approved a user, but I have changed by mind.

Please use the CANCEL button.

What if there is a new user requesting access which is not part of our staff?

Please use the REJECT button.

How can I tell if a user has passed their induction?

Please click on the user’s name and look on the left-hand side, under the profile picture, for their induction status.

Can I search for a user based on any credential?

Yes, you can search a user based on their name, surname, date of birth, email, mobile number or CSCS card number.

Can a user be deleted completely from the data base?

Yes – please send us a request with the specific user on dev@alsysoft.com

If a user does not work with the company anymore, will they still have access to the app?

As an admin, you have the option to use the REJECT button which will automatically restrict their access to the application.

Using the menu button (top left) please select “Sites & Teams” which will take you to a new window.


Within the “Sites & Teams” window you will notice two components, one for Sites and one for Teams. Please proceed with adding a new location by pressing the “Create New Site” button.


You can now add the name of the location, the address as well as a few more details in the “notes” section


Once saved, the new location will appear on the left-hand side within the “Sites” section. Further actions could be taken by editing the site as well as managing the teams and staff allocated to this particular site.


Please press “Create New Team” so you could organise the available staff in specific groups. You can choose a specific name for the team as well as a company that this team is working for (i.e. Midwest or one of their subcontractors).


Managing Staff – this is an important component as it will allow you to:

  • Add staff as individuals on a specific site (i.e. a site manager that is not necessarily part of a team).
  • Add staff on a team that is then allocated to a specific site (i.e. add 5 x individuals to the concrete team).

Within the “managing staff” option you will notice two columns, one for all available staff and one for staff that is allocated to that specific site or team.

Using the arrows you can simply move them from one column to the other.

Please use the search bar located above each of the two columns to find users quicker.

Use the arrows to move them from one column to the other.

Manage Sites for Teams will allow you to simply allocated that Team to a specific Site or multiple sites.


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